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About Us

RockWell Art Supplies Inc., headquartered in Canada, stands as a premier provider of high-quality pigments tailored for artists, offered at competitive rates. Our pigments, meticulously crafted from pure and natural mineral sources, are the result of collaborative efforts with International Pigment Leaders from over seventeen countries worldwide. These collaborations, particularly in the research and development of handcrafted natural mineral pigments, have elevated us to the forefront of the mineral pigment industry.

What sets us apart as leaders in the mineral pigment realm is our commitment to quality and innovation. We take immense pride in the praise received from esteemed art masters who commend our pigments for their vibrancy, stability, and superior quality. At RockWell, our production process is rooted in scientific precision, ensuring not only the consistency and efficiency of our pigments but also fostering continuous innovation in the world of pigments.

But RockWell is more than just a supplier. We are avid listeners, attuned to the needs of artists, valuing their feedback, and embracing their suggestions. This dialogue fuels our drive to create the most functional and unique pigments, tailored to meet the demands of the artistic community.

Furthermore, our collaboration with our strategic partner, Eureka Global Art Inc., has forged a perfect synergy. Together, we have established an international platform that promotes artists, their artworks, and facilitates sales through professional international exhibitions and diverse cultural exchange events. At RockWell, we not only provide artists with essential materials at competitive prices; we empower their creativity and artistic endeavors, ushering in a new era of artistic expression.

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