We Are A Canadian Art Supplier


Headquartered in Canada, RockWell is a global leader in providing top-quality art materials and services. With a legacy spanning 37 years since 1987. Many of our unique products have become industry pioneers, renowned for their refined expertise in the production of pigments made mainly from natural raw materials.

At RockWell, we deeply respect and advocate for vegetarianism, especially in our complex and rigorous processes to develop and manufacture our unique products. Our commitment to ethical practices extends throughout our operations, ensuring that our products align with principles of sustainability and compassion.

We pride ourselves on conducting extensive research and collaboration with outstanding artists from around the world, fostering creativity and innovation to create a new generation of exquisite, gem-quality art materials. Our professional teams, located in North America, Europe, and Asia, passionately promote our products in more than 17 countries globally.

RockWell, we are more than just suppliers; we are craftsmen par excellence. Our mission is to unite the world's foremost pigment experts to create unparalleled products, providing quality services to artists and creators worldwide. We continuously strive to redefine artistic expression through our exceptional products, taking great pride in our work and the impact it has on the artistic community.