Master Pamela Harnois

In her watercolor pieces, one discovers a delicate equilibrium of lightness and fluidity, showcasing a stylistic flair that is uniquely her own. Each stroke exudes an unmistakable energy, as she relinquishes control to allow the paints to dance freely across the canvas, seamlessly blending hues and orchestrating mesmerizing contrasts. Observers are immediately captivated by the intricate interplay between luminosity and shadow, as well as the clever juxtaposition of proportions and dimensions within her compositions. The ability to encapsulate the very essence of her subjects reflects not only her formal training—a BFA in Watercolor from U. Mass Amherst—but also her innate talent for intuitive brushwork, cultivated through years of practice and exploration. In her work, she not only captures moments but also evokes emotions, inviting viewers into a world where every brushstroke tells a story.










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