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Blueberry Set

Blueberry Set

3 colors - 8ml. *Set available only right now!

The world's FIRST watercolor paint developed from BLUEBERRIES is here!!! Your lover is not just lavender, deep and charming BLUEBERRY has a date……

    Star Berries- B2301 PB.15/PY.3/PR.4/PW.6. /S1-◪ semi-Tr.

        Harvest Oracle- B2302 PV.15/PB.29/PBK.7. /S3-◪ semi-Tr.

            Earth Magic- B2303 PB.15/PY.3. /S2-◪ semi-Tr.

            Introducing the world's first watercolor paint made from blueberries! This innovative creation brings forth the deep and charming hues of blueberries, adding a whole new dimension to artistic expression. Imagine the rich, vibrant shades of blue that can be achieved, reminiscent of the natural beauty found in blueberry fields.


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