Wetlands Action Plan - Watercolor Contest 2024




We've just wrapped up our Wetlands Call to Action watercolor contest, and wow, the entries were awesome! 

Big thanks to everyone who jumped into our contest with full-on enthusiasm! Your love for the environment and your killer art skills totally came through in every piece you sent our way. Seriously, the effort and time you put in? Mind-blowing.

Hats off to our awesome judges for stepping up and using their smarts to pick out the winners and runners-up. Your keen eyes and dedication were game-changers, and we can't thank you enough for making this contest a hit.


5 TOP Winners


Artist: Anastasia Petryaeva 


Artist: Andrew Cheddie Sookrah 

Artist: Nathalie Girard


Artist: Jade Cousineau


Artist: Milena Guberinic







To all you artists out there, you're rocking it! Your work is a powerful nod to the beauty and importance of our wetlands. We're stoked we could shine a spotlight on your talent. 


Catch you at the next one! 



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