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12 color 15ml set 

Introducing our self-evolving mineral pigments—the first of their kind in the world of watercolor art. Our company takes pride in being at the forefront of innovation, and this exclusive set of 12 embodies the extraordinary magic of witnessing colors unfold on your paper as you paint. The enchantment continues when the colors come to life in their dried brilliance.

Experience the excellence of our watercolor paints, with high pigment concentration and natural material. This product proudly attains a "three plus sign" lightfastness rating, on par with the international "five-star" standard.

Light resistance, transparency, tinting strength, color value, particle size, NON-toxicity, etc. The performance quality of each batch has been rigorously and professionally analyzed to achieve consistency and comply with EN71-3, ASTM and D4236 international standards.

This set includes 12 charming self-evolving colors:

  • EM119 Alexandria Diamond Purple
  • EM120 Palaiba DIamond Blue
  • EM128 Royal Purple
  • EM131 Onat Diamond Yellow
  • EM143 Limugreen Brown
  • EM146 Valentine Purple
  • EM225 Cleopatra Green
  • EM226 Obsidian Brown
  • EM232 Lapis Brown
  • EM233 Opal Yellow
  • EM407 Magic Wizard
  • EM414 Morai Witch


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