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Introducing the Master Watercolorist Cao Jun from China.

In a remarkable convergence of artistic excellence, Cao Jun, alongside luminaries such as Picasso, Matisse, and Klein, curated a captivating "BLUE" theme exhibition at the Nassau Art Museum in the United States on March 11, 2020.

This distinguished artist, recognized with the Louver Gold Award in 2013, achieved another milestone when the McMullen Art Museum in Boston hosted the first-ever exhibition of a living artist titled "The Cao Jun Art Exhibition" in 2018.
Acknowledged as the "Special Overseas Artist" at the 13th National Art Exhibition in China in 2019, Cao Jun's influence extends globally.

Notably, his masterpiece, "Once in The Millennium" attained accolades as the best contemporary ink and wash artwork, fetching a remarkable $10,266,000 at "Pauli Hong Kong's Autumn Auction" in 2019.

Furthermore, Cao Jun's impact on art education is evident as top international art universities in Europe and North America have incorporated his works into their teaching curriculum. His artistic journey stands as a testament to transcending borders, capturing prestigious awards, and shaping the pedagogical landscape of contemporary art.



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