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Unveiling our mesmerizing NEW Evolving Mineral Collection! 

6 colors [8ml, S2-S3]

We hope you can join us in making a difference by participating in our “Wetlands Action Plan” watercolor contest! (February 2nd - March 31, 2024).

Since 1971, World Wetlands Day, observed annually on February 2nd, has been dedicated to raising public awareness of the beauty, values and benefits of wetlands. Our colors, always crafted from natural minerals and plants, reflect our profound appreciation for wetlands, the guardians of life on our planet. Each evolving color has been made to represent one of the infinite magical elements of the wetlands. We share them with you, hoping to bring you more awareness of their importance, and inspire you to treasure the wetlands as we do.

Our watercolor paints boast not only high pigment concentration but also a "three plus sign" lightfastness rating, meeting international "five-star" standards. Professionally analyzed for excellence, each batch complies with EN71-3, ASTM, and D4236 international standards.

To savour the gift of nature that inspires such beautiful art, we must embrace the responsibility to preserve it.

This set includes 6 charming self-evolving colors:

  • EM719 Wetlands
  • EM720 Peat Bogs
  • EM721 Salt-Marsh Sparrow
  • EM722 Dragonfly
  • EM723 Purple Lichen
  • EM724 Cerulean Warbler

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Wetlands Action Plan-2 / WAP-2

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