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Dragon Set [12 colors] - 15ml

Dragon Set [12 colors] - 15ml

Introducing our Dragon Watercolors Set - Mineral Watercolor Edition, featuring 12 mesmerizing 15 ml tubes. This exquisite collection includes: 

  • D200 Peachblow
  • D201  Burnt Ochre
  • D202 Ultramarine Deep
  • D203 Light Grey
  • D204 Sea Blue Black (Evolving Minerals/EM)
  • D205 Brilliant Orange
  • D206 Primary Yellow
  • D207 Yellow Lemon
  • D208 Lavender
  • D209 Turquoise
  • D210  Amethyst (Evolving Minerals/ME)
  • D211  Spring Green

These captivating hues, inspired by the mythical dragon, infuse your artistic endeavors with rich, fiery tones. Experience the excellence of our watercolor paints, with high pigment concentration and natural material. This product proudly attains a "three plus sign" lightfastness rating, on par with the international "five-star" standard.Light resistance, transparency, tinting strength, color value, particle size, NON-toxicity, etc.

The performance quality of each batch has been rigorously and professionally analyzed to achieve consistency and comply with EN71-3, ASTM and D4236 international standards.

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