Yossi Kotler, known by the artistic monikers "YossiKotlerArt" and "Yossik," is a versatile artist and accomplished brand designer. Graduating from the prestigious Wizo College of Design in Israel in 1992, he holds a degree in advertising and graphic design. With a rich background in brand design spanning numerous years, Yossi has garnered an array of awards in the realms of advertising, brand design and product design.

Transitioning to a full-time artist in 2010, Yossi's creative journey has led to the adornment of private collections around the world and the walls of upscale bars and restaurants across international metropolises such as London, Amsterdam, Germany, and the USA. His artistic expression is brought to life using an assortment of mediums, including acrylic on canvas, oil pastels, ink, charcoal, digital art, mixed media, and watercolors. Yossi's creations exude a vibrant and dynamic quality, characterized by rich layers of color and intensity.

Yossi's artworks are also presented in famous galleries in the UK and other exclusive online platforms such as saatchiart, singulart and more,  with a massive success of sales many fans and followers all over the glob.

Yossi Kotler's artistic approach defies strict categorization, as he constantly explores diverse styles, avoiding confinement to a singular artistic identity. His works exhibit a remarkable range, from meticulously detailed compositions to boldly freeform expressions, all shaped by his artistic intentions. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving digital landscape and the world around him, Yossi's oeuvre encapsulates his boundless creativity and passion for visual storytelling.

Since 2019 Yossi Kotler emphasizes his artistic journey to investigate more and more the amazing medium of watercolours, to be his leading medium for his continuous creative journey.

 Yossi's Testimony:

My journey in watercolours started with portraits and human figures, and then I have opened it to still life and landscapes. As a watercolourist I have figured it out that I must have a watercolours brand company to follow and work with. I am very happy that I have found Rockwell art supplies to be my home for watercolours pigments, and to be IBA. I am sure that my decision and my dedication to work with Rockwell pigments will push my creativity boundaries.  Their unique pigments allow me to create my unique style and explore more horizons with their pigments technology. I am sure it will benefit both sides. 











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