Rockwell Let’s Rock Annual Art Festival Wrap-Up: A Celebration of Artistic Excellence



Rockwell Art Supplies proudly concluded our Let’s Rock Annual Art Festival last November to December 2023, and the response was nothing short of spectacular. With overwhelming joy, we received over a hundred entries, each showcasing not only skill but also thoughtful craftsmanship. A heartfelt thank you to all the incredible artists who made this event truly unforgettable.

Our panel of esteemed judges undertook the challenging task of carefully evaluating each submission. Their dedication and effort did not go unnoticed, and we extend our gratitude to these wonderful individuals who played a crucial role in shaping the outcome.

To all the talented artists who participated, you are absolute champions! Your creations were not merely appreciated; they were celebrated. Together, we are building a vibrant and inspiring community of artists, and your contributions are at the heart of this shared journey.

A massive thank you to everyone who played a role in making the Let’s Rock Annual Art Festival an overwhelming success. Your passion and creativity have left an indelible mark, and we look forward to continuing this artistic journey together!


Congratulations to all the winners!




1. Artist: Jolanta Mourinha - Winter Peace

2. Artist: Milena Guberinic - Nest




1. Artist: Luc Boivin - Determination

2. Artist: Andrew Cheddie Sookrah - Teresa of Avila

3. Lorraine Simonds - Struck down but not destroyed



1. Artist: Oscar Iriani - Shopping

2. Laurence Douilly - Homard Bleu

3. Coral Ye Chen - Hope

4. Natalia Outkina - Christmas Evening

5. Julia Camara


1. Irma Del Ceglia - Loughi Dell'Anima

2. Valentina Belli - Joy

3. Alice Bottrill - Coming Home

4. Gabriella Marchi Pallini - My Space

5. Denis Derbez - Cuddles


We eagerly anticipate the prospect of hosting another remarkable contest similar to this one. We are excited about everyone's involvement and look forward to the enthusiastic participation once again.

Your engagement adds immense value to the event, and we can't wait to create more memorable experiences together.


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