Natalia came from a family with a strong artistic background of classical Russian Art. She is a registered member of several art groups in Toronto, Canada, the finalist and the winner of different International Juried Art Exhibitions. 

She specializes in watercolors and acrylics paintings. Her focus is on painting watercolor landscapes, still life and portraits. Her paintings are in many private collections all over the world, spanning worldwide like Australia, USA, UK, and Eastern Europe.

She has a strong passion in teaching and guiding her students towards exploring their creative and artistic qualities and has hundreds of students who can share their positive reviews and the proven results.

Her art studio offers the chance for students to learn in a private setting with a small group of two to three students a time which helps to focus on developing their talents and artistic direction.

She had also found success in her online video sharing classes which allows her students to learn in their own comfortable setting.

She welcomes all types of students from all walks of life from children as young as six all the way to adults who have a passion for art and want to develop their natural abilities and excel in the world of art.



Natalia's Testament:

  "I am happy to know that my work is appreciated by Rockwell Art Supplies  - the company, that produces unique watercolor paints, with rich and bright natural pigments. And I am lucky to be RockWell Art Canada International Ambassador.




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