Igor was born in 1972 in Moscow, where he still resides and works. His passion for travel fuels much of his artistic inspiration, drawing subjects from his journeys around the globe.

He has participated in numerous international exhibitions, with several hundred of his works now part of private collections in England, America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. His art is also featured in prestigious institutions such as the Fabriano Italy museums and the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

For his creations, he prefers special watercolor paper from leading European manufacturers like Saunders Waterford, Arches, and Baohong. This paper, made from 100% cotton and boasting a high density of 300 grams per square meter, resembles thick, thin cardboard. It doesn't warp from water, absorbs paint effectively, and ensures the longevity and vibrancy of colors, resisting yellowing over time. While this premium paper comes at a higher price, watercolors produced on it are as enduring as oil paintings on canvas.

Few of his many awards and recognitions are as follows:

Italia Art 2016 Moscow - Prize-winner of the competition "My Italy"

2016 Exhibition at the ART EXPERTISE gallery Florence, Italy

2017 Indias First International Online Art Competition&Exhibition Top15

2019 1 InternationalWatercolor Grand Masters Exhibition IWS Moscow

2021 International Festival "Russian-Chinese Culture and Art Fair" Blagoveshchensk

2022 International Watercolor Festival under the auspices of IWS Izmir Türkiye

Igor's Testimony:

I can put Rockwell watercolor on par with leading manufacturers of professional paints.







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