Collection: Angela's Favorite

Angela Fehr

In the realm of artistry, Angela Fehr is not just an artist; she embodies a calling to perceive. Her perspective transcends the literal, aiming to strip away the callouses that obscure the beauty and significance inherent in the world. Fehr's artistic expression takes shape through water – a watercolorist by trade, she unites water and color to craft works of art. Recognizing that her canvas is a medium that demands the freedom to flow and evolve, her responses are as swift as the flick of a brush.

The process she follows is one of profound immediacy, where any preconceived notion is willingly relinquished if the painting takes an unexpected turn. This dynamic relationship with her chosen medium exposes a vulnerability that is both perilous and consistently novel. Angela Fehr's art is not just about creation; it's about forging an intimate connection with the ever-changing currents of her craft.