Famous Argentine freelance painter and teacher. As a Rockwell International Brand Ambassador and Baohong Ambassador in Argentina, his influence extends not only within his local art community but also globally. He draws inspiration from the world around him to create his works. This versatility in subject matter suggests a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of nature, which he skillfully translates onto paper. Having won many awards and serving as a judge for the "Let's Rock" International competition. His contributions as both an artist and an educator undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on aspiring artists, while his own creative endeavors continue to inspire audiences worldwide. His workshops are sought after by students eager to learn his techniques and philosophy. He also frequently collaborates with international galleries to showcase his art. His dedication to his craft and his passion for teaching make him a revered figure in the art world.


Diego's Testament:

"Only with Rockwell Art paints I can get vibrant colors. The preservation of my work is in your hands"















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