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12 couleurs dans une boîte en plastique

12 couleurs dans une boîte en plastique

A “CUTEY” that you will definitely fall in love with A small box of paint trial packs would be perfect for unleashing your artistic side on the go. Whether you're capturing the beauty of a sunset over a distant horizon or the quaint charm of a bustling market, having your paints handy allows you to translate those scenes into vibrant works of art. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to carry with you wherever your adventures take you. It's like having a portable gallery at your fingertips, ready to capture and preserve all those unforgettable moments and stories......

Choose from 5 unique 12-color sample palettes!

Each sample includes 6 evolving and 6 classical shades

  • C12-1:    Magic 6 and 6 classical shades
  • C12-2:    Magic 6 and 6 classical shades
  • C12-3: Charm 1 and 6 classical shades
  • C12-4: Charm 2 and 6 classical shades
  • C12-5: Charm 3 and 6 classical shades
  • C12-6: Charm 4 and 6 classical shades

We'll send them to you in a sleek plastic kit /box design - perfect for testing colors or traveling light!



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